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Our company is located in Błonie near Warsaw, capital of Poland. For almost 30 years, we have been providing services to our clients at the highest level in the area of banana ripening, fruit and vegetable storage as well as warehousing services, including reloading and all kinds of logistics of products requiring controlled temperature.

Ripening room

Our specialized chambers ensure the ripening of exotic fruits as bananas, mango, avocado and kiwi. Thanks to our services, you can be sure that fruits will be stored in perfect conditions. We will also take care of delivery, quality control during the maturation process and release of the goods to the final recipient. We provide comprehensive service and an individual approach to the customer and his goods!

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Frutim offers refrigerated warehouses with an area of over 2,500 m2, therefore everyone will find the best solution for their needs.Our infrastructure allows you to purchase goods in a controlled temperature from 0 ° to + 25 ° C. We offer long-term or short-term storage, trans-shipment and other services related to logistics of refrigerated or neutral goods.

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Space rental

We offer warehouse spaces and freezer storage spaces from 60m2 to 2000m2. As part of the rental, we offer comprehensive logistics services. There are also office spaces located in our guarded and monitored area, which we estimate individually for your needs!

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